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Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment

Our sister company, Blaker, based near Horsham, West Sussex, manufactures two specialist metal recycling products: Magthro™ and Sandflo™.

Blaker’s Magthro™ is a robust recycling solution producing a continuous magnetic flow to reliably and efficiently separate non-ferrous metals from mixed materials.

The system features 12 pole rare earth magnet shafts together with infill rows of rare earth magnets (in effect creating a 24 pole rotor). The 24 pole rotor assembly guarantees a focussed field with no disruption to the magnetic flow, making it highly efficient. The main belt can be supplied in a range of different sizes to suit the quantity and range of materials to be processed over the Magthro™.

Non-ferrous metals can be further refined using Blaker’s Sandflo™ product, which separates light fragments from dense ones.  The Sandflo™ is ideal for reliably recovering high value aluminium, zinc, copper and brass fractions in processing plants.

Working as a fluidised-bed separator,  the Sandflo™ sorts non-ferrous metals from mixed materials. The replacement of hand sorting by automatic equipment is a big investment and can be difficult to justify. Expensive systems using, for example, x-ray fluorescence, have not been adopted by the industry. Wet separators also present challenges, creating effluents that are becoming more difficult and costly to treat.

Blaker’s Sandflo™ reduces waste that ultimately ends up in landfills and doesn’t create any harmful by-products. It reduces the manpower hours involved in hand sorting and recovers valuable non-ferrous materials that would normally go to waste, realising significant financial benefits.

For more information on Blaker’s metal recycling products click here.

Alternatively you can email: robin@blaker.co.uk or call: 01404 783634