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About Us

Over 45 years of experience

Solar Metals Ltd was established in 2008 by Stuart Muddle and Nigel Holland who have both been involved in the scrap metal recycling industry for over 45 years and accumulated vast knowledge, experience and expertise in the metal recycling industry. 

We purchase and recycle all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal on an industrial scale and trade internationally. 

Our story

A strong commitment to customer care

Our commitment to customer service has been the driving force behind Solar Metals Ltd. We listen, keep things simple and work hard to make every customer feel valued.
We deal with a variety of different businesses on a daily basis, from construction to demolition and transport to logistics.
Our common shared objective is to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

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Protecting our planet

The environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling are vast and everyone around the world are united to conserve our natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being more energy efficient.  EU data indicates by using recycled materials, CO2 emissions are reduced by an estimated 200 million tonnes every year.

The data also suggests, manufacturing steel from recycled metal provides an annual reduction of: 

86% air pollution 
40% water use 
76% water pollution 

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In addition to the benefits stated above, recycling scrap metal negates the need to mine non-renewable metal ores and creates more employment.

Manufacturers of metal recycling equipment​

Our associate company, Blaker, based near Horsham, West Sussex, manufactures two specialist metal recycling products: Magthro™ and Sandflo™.